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Jewish Emergent Communities

Communities represented by members of the S3K Leadership Network's Working Group on Emergent Sacred Communities

All quoted descriptions are provided by the organizations themselves.

Adventure Rabbi Boulder, CO
Rabbi Jamie Korngold

"Adventure Rabbi is perhaps best described as a synagogue without walls. Our program was founded in November 2001 with the intention of bringing alienated Jews back into communal religious life, through innovative religious programs, which combine the outdoors and Jewish practice."

Anshe Sholom B'nai Israel Congregation Chicago, IL
Rabbi Asher Lopatin

"Anshe Sholom B'nai Israel, a modern orthodox synagogue, is the home of a diverse, Torah-oriented community in Lakeview. Our community provides religious, social and educational activities for all ages, including daily minyans, both morning and evening. We welcome everybody, regardless of how religious or observant you think you are, or think you are not. The prayer books, in English/Hebrew and transliterated versions, give congregants a way to be more fully involved. Our doors are open to all who can appreciate the beauty of the Jewish tradition and want to discover the blessings of a Shabbat and holiday community."

Kehilat Bavat Ayin Rosh Ha'ayin, Israel
Rabbi Ayala Miron

"In the early fall of 2004 a small group of residents from the new neighborhoods of Rosh Ha'ayin decided it was time to transport progressive Judaism to their city of 40,000. They sought a framework in which they would feel comfortable expressing their Jewish identity and that they could not find at any one of the over 300 Orthodox and Ultra-Orthodox synagogues officially listed at the Rosh Ha'ayin Municipality."

Congregation Beth Elohim Brooklyn, NY
Rabbi Andy Bachman

"Congregation Beth Elohim is a community of Jews and their families committed to ensuring the continuity of Judaism. Together, our members engage in a wide range of religious, educational, cultural, and social activities. We worship, celebrate, and study Torah, following the philopsohy and generally accepted rituals of Reform Judaism. We create opportunities to practice the values of Tzedakah and Tikkun Olam (righteous giving and the pursuit of social Justice). We seek to pass these values and traditions down to our children and to future generations. Our members reach out to all who accept the values and traditions of Judaism, to join us in prayer, study, celebration, and service to the community."

Congregation B'nai Hamidbar Black Rock Desert, NV
Rabbi Menachem Cohen

"For several years, Congregation B'nai Hamidbar, the Jewish community, at Burning Man has held wonderful Friday night gatherings of prayer, song, dancing, and food. As part of the Beyond Belief theme of Burning Man 2003, Congregation B'nai Hamidbar ("Children of the Desert"), was created as a new home for radical Jewish self-transcendence. We fed people, enlightened them, taught them Kabbalah."

Congregation Bonai Shalom Boulder, CO
Rabbi Marc Soloway

"Our community is a warm and welcoming family, sharing each other's joys and sorrows. Every Friday night we welcome the Shabbat Queen with an uplifting service, joyous participation, and soulful melodies. During our traditional Shabbat morning services, we celebrate with soaring spirit. Our award winning religious school is a place where children love to learn from a dedicated and caring group of teachers. "

Brooklyn Jews Brooklyn, NY
Rabbi Andy Bachman

"Brooklyn Jews: we want a positive connection to Jewish life; we want a life of meaning and celebration; we want a way to do good and to change the world rooted in the particular ways of Jewish life and the universal values of American culture; we want to learn the basic texts of Jewish life: Bible, Prayer, and Rabbinic literature; we want Hebrew school for kids to be a source of pride and knowledge for the whole family; we want to understand Israel, its history, the current situation, and the prospects for peace; and finally, no matter how old, we want to recapture the kind of Jewish community we once may have felt in summer camp, or youth group, or semesters abroad-when Judaism and Jewish identity was real, relevant and alive. "

Darkhei Noam New York, NY
Jeremy Burton, Board of Directors Co-chair

"Darkhei Noam meets for Shabbat morning services every other week on Manhattan's Upper West Side. Founded in March 2002, Darkhei Noam provides a davening experience that is traditional, inclusive, and inspiring."

The DAT Minyan Denver, CO
Rabbi Daniel Alter

Kehilat Hadar New York, NY
Elie Kaunfer, Co-founder

"Kehilat Hadar is an independent, egalitarian community committed to spirited traditional prayer, study and social action. We meet for Shabbat morning services on selected weeks, and offer holiday services and educational programs throughout the year"

IKAR Los Angeles, CA
Rabbi Sharon Brous

"IKAR is a Jewish spiritual community that stands at the intersection of spirituality and social justice, a mandate that is integrated into everything we do. We see an integral connection between intellectual and spiritual development, and political and social activism. We know that serious, honest encounter with things that matter, like loneliness, loss, AIDS and poverty, as well as love, joy, fulfillment and peace, are the cornerstone of an authentic Jewish prayer life. We also know that soulful prayer and serious Jewish learning will inspire our sense of mission in the world. Central to the mission of our community is the belief in the vitality and relevance of the Jewish tradition, the fact that it can be compelling and exciting, and the commitment to introduce innovative interpretations into a traditional Jewish framework. It is our hope that our community will energize and revitalize elements of the broader Jewish community, and profoundly impact the way we, as Jews, live and act in our world. "

The Kavana Cooperative Seattle, WA
Rabbi Rachel Nussbaum

""Kavana" is the Hebrew word for intention and speaks to our desire to empower individuals to create a meaningful, personal and fun Jewish experience for themselves and their families. As a cooperative, we build an open and intimate Jewish community by drawing on the strengths and interests of each participant."

Kavod House Boston, MA
Margie Klein, Coordinator

" Moishe House Boston: Kavod Jewish Social Justice House is an innovative project to create community for Jews in their 20's and 30's and connect them with social action and community-building opportunities in Boston and beyond. "

KiDMa Phoenix, AZ
Rabbi Darren Kleinberg

"KiDMa is a Modern Orthodox community that welcomes Jews from all walks of life and is committed to community, study, prayer, pluralism and passionate Judaism."

Kol Tzedek Philadelphia, PA
Rabbi Lauren Grabelle Herrmann

"Kol Tzedek is a Reconstructionist Synagogue committed to creating a diverse and inclusive community. We cultivate the opportunity for people to experience Judaism through prayer, education, spirituality, and Jewish activism. We are dedicated to community building and tikkun olam, both within and beyond our local neighborhood."

Mechon Hadar New York, NY
Elie Kaunfer, Executive Director

"The goal of Mechon Hadar is to further the revitalization of prayer, study and community life among young Jews in America. We will accomplish this goal through three major components: (1) a full-time, intensive 8-week study program, beginning in the summer of 2007; (2) prayer education, networking and consulting for independent minyanim and traditional synagogues; and (3) a practical think tank for pressing issues of halacha and modernity in a non-denominational context. "

Mitziut Jewish Community Chicago, IL
Rabbi Menachem Cohen

"Pronounced "mits-ee-oot," the name Mitziut comes from the Hebrew word for "reality." People from all Jewish backgrounds and friends from different spiritual paths are coming and finding a welcoming, participatory community. The non-denominational services are inclusive, participatory, joyous, relaxed and feature wonderful music, sacred Hebrew chant, prayerful experience, meaningful Torah teachings and are infused with traditional kavanah ("intention") and ancient spirituality. Various activities such as a meditation drop-in group and a Jewish drum circle allow individuals to deepen their individual Jewish spiritual explorations within a group experience. "

Panim Hadashot Seattle, WA
Rabbi Dov Gartenberg

"Panim Hadashot: New Faces of Judaism is a new Jewish endeavor of learning, celebration, and outreach. Panim Hadashot is not a synagogue; rather, it is a Beit Midrash - a house of learning. We offer a welcoming place for a wide circle of Jews and others who are seeking a passionate and open-minded Judaism. Panim Hadashot conveys a Judaism that is joyful and humane, spiritually and ethically rich, and which encourages diverse forms of Jewish expression. Panim Hadashot is a vital community resource, intended to serve as a complement to synagogues and an important outreach instrument of the liberal community. Our endorsement by both the United Synagogue and the Union for Reform Judaism is evidence of the partnerships we have already fostered within the community. Panim Hadashot's unique ability to act is rooted in our flexibility and mobility and our emphasis on the rabbinic roles of teaching and mentoring."

RIKMA Tel Aviv, Israel
Rabbi David Lazar

"RIKMA is an educational organization that seeks to breathe new fire into Jewish life in Israel, by building original communities and strengthening existing ones through training and support of leadership. Through its Fellowship Program for Rabbis-in-training and Professional Support Programs for rabbis and lay leaders, RIKMA is spreading its vision of community from an optimal point of entry: inspired leadership. RIKMA works towards its goals by targeting potential leaders from a wide range of backgrounds for its Fellowship Program and Professional Support Strategy."

Kehillat Romemu New York, NY
Rabbi David Ingber

"Kehillat Romemu is New York's inspirational, Kabbalistic, transdenominational, integral congregation. Romemu seeks to integrate body, heart, mind and spirit in Jewish practice. Unabashedly eclectic, our services reflect the Kabbalistic model of the four worlds and feature traditional liturgy as well as ecstatic chant, yoga and meditation, joyous song and quiet contemplation. "

Congregation Shaare Zedek New York, NY
Rabbi Julia Andelman, Senior Rabbi

"Shaare Zedek is a multi-generational, egalitarian Conservative congregation on the Upper West Side of Manhattan embracing a traditional approach to contemporary Judaism. We pride ourselves on a long and rich history of providing a warm, informal, observant community that is accessible to Jews of all ages and backgrounds. Services are led by members of the community, who infuse life at Shaare Zedek with their talents, creativity and spirit."

Storahtelling/RituaLAB New York, NY
Amichai Lau-Lavie, President, Executive & Artistic Director, Actor

"Storahtelling promotes Jewish cultural literacy through original theatrical performances and educational programs for multi-generational audiences. Using twenty-first century performance art techniques, Storahtelling brings personal contemporary meaning to 5,000 years of Jewish tradition. "

Congregation Tehillah Riverdale, NY
Rabbi Shoshana Leis

"Tehillah is a Jewish community built on the belief that we must strive to be a kehillah kedoshah, a holy community. Tehillah was founded on a love of the Jewish people, a passion for social justice, prayer with kavannah (true intention), and study that is probing and relevant. A spiritual, pluralistic, socially conscious synagogue, Tehillah places a heavy emphasis on music and singing as a way to develop strong spiritual feelings and enhance the sense of belonging to a sacred community, in which people from diverse backgrounds, affiliations and lifestyles are all embraced."

Kehillat Tiferet Shalom Ramat Aviv, Israel
Rabbi David Lazar

"Kehillat Tiferet Shalom is a Conservative synagogue located in the Ramat Aviv neighborhood of Tel Aviv, Israel. The community was founded by a group of olim, "garin aliyah" more or less, who were looking for a synagogue here with the same kind of atmosphere as they had known before making aliyah. The founders were all leaders in their communities and their synagogues in America and had all enjoyed the experience of Camp Ramah. Our congregation is comprised of people from many various backgrounds and nationalities, yet approximately two-thirds of us are native-born Israelis. The remaining one-third stem from Argentina, Australia, Canada, Czechoslovakia, England, South Africa, the United States and Yemen among others."

Kehilat Tzur Hadassah Tzur Hadassah, Israel
Rabbi Ofer Sabath-Beit Halachmi

"Kehilat Tzur Hadassah is a dynamic Reform synagogue, affiliated with the Israel Movement for Progressive (Reform) Judaism . We are located in the young, residential village of Tzur Hadassa, in the Judean Hills, 12 miles southwest of Jerusalem, sitting on Israel's "green-line""

Yavneh - The Jewish Living Project New York, NY
Rabbi David Kalb

Yotzer Or Jerusalem, Israel
Rabbi Uri Ayalon

"Yotzer Or is a community that combines text study, the arts, family experience and social action in an empowering Jewish-Israeli setting. The community consists of a wide range of people from varying backgrounds; serving the needs of residents, artists, students, counselors, single mothers and seniors. In an open and inviting atmosphere we study and experience Jewish sources and contemporary Israeli culture. Yotzer Or is a platform where residents deal with their personal and communal needs with an eye to change. Members meet at least once a month to celebrate central holidays or commemorations of the month. Yotzer Or believes that through empowering individuals and working collectively we can use past treasures in contemporary ways to build a strong future for our society. Yotzer Or is a home."